Chic Blanket Scarf Look To Try Right Now!

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Chic Blanket Scarf Winter Work-Look

Outfit Idea (what I wore January 9, 2017)

Created a chic winter work-look by pairing my newest $5 steal from Walmart (a Tartan Print Blanket Scarf, and yes, I got it from WALMART) with an emerald green pencil skirt, a navy blue v-neck pullover sweater, and black and gold heels – which I accessorized with a matching blue and green beaded statement necklace and a black and gold belt! For more (shoe-string) chic, city-wearable fashions, follow daily “Style Snaps”of my personal outfits in everyday life at “Bostonian Styled (by Katey)” on WordPress and Pinterest!

Get This (Shoe-String) Chic Look

The Price Tag For This (Shoe-String) Chic Look: $70.35

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