bostonian_styled Hits Insta!

Bostonian Styled’s New Instagram Account
90 – not too shabby for 23 hours 😉

A few months ago, I began sharing my personal style on WordPress and Pinterest by blogging and re-pinning daily ‘Style Snaps’ of me out-and-about drinking my iced Dunks and wearing my outfits in everyday life – which as y’all know, are all (shoe-string) chic, city-wearable fashions. Since I’ve really just been doing this as a hobby (I’ve got a different day job), I haven’t invested too much time into full-blown sharing/marketing my ‘Style Snaps’, and as a result, my looks haven’t gotten too much exposure; in fact, last I checked, I only had 18 followers on here, and one of them was my mom…so only 17 followers (jk, love you mom 😉

OMG The House of Sequins is following my Style Snaps on Insta!

Even though I really am just doing this for fun and to reach my goal of creating 260 different outfits for when I go back to grad school (one for each workday for an entire year; and yes, I know, I have way too much free time on my hands ;p), I decided “What the heck, I’ll start an Instagram account for my blog and see if it gets any attention”. Well, after only creating my account 23 hours ago, I just checked and saw that I have 90 followers (none of which are my mom lol), with one of them being a blogger who I’ve been following on here and Pinterest for forever – Sarah Lindner, blogger of The House of Sequins! So, in addition to following my Style Snaps on here and Pinterest, I’m excited to let you all know that you can now follow them at bostonian_styled on Instagram too!


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