Color-Blocked Floral Sheath Dress Outfit Idea

Color-Blocked Floral Sheath Dress Look
What I Wore to Work on my 27th Birthday

Outfit Idea (what I wore June 28, 2017 – my 27th Birthday!)

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For my birthday (which was spent mostly at work in the office), I decided to start ‘27’ on a chic note wearing a sleeveless, color-blocked floral print sheath dress that I bough at Forever 21 a few years back, which I paired with a pair of black and gold pointed-toe heels, and accessorized with a matching black and gold braided metal chain statement necklace! As always, for more (shoe-string) chic, city-wearable fashions, be sure to follow daily “Style Snaps” of my personal outfits in everyday life at “Bostonian Styled (by Katey)” on WordPress Pinterest, and at bostonian_styled on Instagram!

Get This (Shoe-String) Chic Look

Color-Blocked Floral Sheath Dress Look
The Price Tag For This (Shoe-String) Chic Look: $54.07

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