The blog

“Bostonian Styled (by Katey)” is a gallery of daily ‘Style Snaps’ of my personal outfits in everyday life, which are all (shoe-string) chic, city-wearable fashions.


The ‘style snaps’

Snap Collage.jpg
Artistically, I really wanted to develop a concept for my style blog that matched the clothing I planned to put out on display – which are super affordable and stylish outfits that other young (and broke) professional women like myself can wear everyday. So, instead of trying to capture my outfits with some fancy camera or professional photographer (not that I could afford to do any of that anyway lol), I decided to use Snap Chat for 3 reasons. Because Snap Chat is a photography app that people use on a daily basis, with each Snap representing a single moment within someone’s day, it totally reflected the “every-day” vibe of my blog. Secondly, in portraying my style, I felt as though these little snaps (which I take of myself while I’m wearing my clothes out in real-life and in real-time) really highlighted the fact that my outfits are truly clothes that every working woman can wear as she goes about her day-to-day life. Since I planned to post all of my outfit ideas into a blog, I thirdly thought that the idea of using Snap Chat would be really cool in that it would be like watching social media (Snap-Chat) play out over social media (e.g., WordPress, Pinterest), kind of like when you’re watching a play within a play. Lastly, I also liked how with Snap, I could add fun little captions to all my pics!

coffee-collageThe coffee

So, what’s up with me holding an iced-coffee (a medium iced Dunkin Donuts Caramel Swirl with four Splenda, skim milk, whip cream and caramel drizzle on top to be exact) in every one of my Style Snaps?  Well, I’ve got 3 reasons for that one:

1. Consistency for ease of recognition

Firstly, there are a lot of other people out there doing what I’m doing (e.g., sharing their personal style), so to stand out amongst the crowd, I decided to “get a gimmick”; that way, anytime someone like a Pinterest-er stumbles upon a Snap Chat of a girl holding a Dunks Iced while wearing a (shoe-string) chic, city-wearable fashion, they’ll know it’s me  😉

2. Matching the theme of my blog

Similarly to using Snap Chat as a means for matching the “every-day” concept of my blog and personal style, the second reason for why I “rep” the Iced Dunks in all of my Style Snaps is because, just like using Snap Chat, drinking coffee is something that everyone does every day too!

3. ….I’m just awkward

Lastly, when I first started taking my Style Snaps, I felt super awkward whenever I put the camera into selfie-mode because I didn’t know what to do with my hands, so I grabbed my coffee to hold on to…